Sunday, August 9, 2009

Question, Past Tense, Auxiliary - Help...

In a Past Tense question, we use the auxiliary 'did' & the base form of the verb, e.g. "What did he practise yesterday?" We don't say, "What practised he yesterday?"

So why isn't 'did' used in Past Tense sentences such as: "What happened yesterday?"

The only explanation I could think of to give was that perhaps eons ago, we might have said, "What did happen yesterday?" but we don't use this form now.

Any explanation, theories, conjectures?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heredia Meeting

Thanks to all volunteers who attended our community meeting for Heredia, at the UNA, on July 28th. It was a great success, and six new groups were proposed. We are still looking for volunteers to get the groups started, so if you live in (or near) Heredia and might be able to help out, please check your weekly bulletin and/or contact me at

Article in Weekly Bulletin of Casa Presidencial

Article in Weekly Bulletin of Casa Presidencial
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