Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thank you, Katherine and Lucy

Thanks again for the excellent job. It makes me feel like part of something special and exciting when I see the professionalism, the great work and effort that you have put into the project. I enjoyed the Palmares session very much.

A suggestion for a topic: Pets. Stories about them, experiences with them, cultural differences with pets in U.S. and C.R. When I first came to Costa Rica I brought an elderly cat with me. Seeing the reaction of my landlady and her family, and my maid's fear of the cat, made me realize that there was a cultural difference here. My cat and I learned a lot of spanish together when we first moved here. I have a young cat now that my maid just loves. I'm sure Costa Ricans would have many tales (tails?) to tell of their pets.



  1. Hi Loyd,

    Just like Seth, our first volunteer blogger, I am a first timer at this! My name is Marta Blanco and I am the Director of Costa Rica Multilingüe. When I entered the blog and saw your comments, I could not help but to join in and thank all the volunteers for the wonderful gift you are giving us, to share your language, your culture and your love for our dear country, there are not enough words to express my gratitude.

    On a personal note, I would like to tell you I am an animal lover and I think the pet subject it’s a great conversation topic. I could talk for hours about my girls, I have 4 of them (doggies), two of which we adopted from the streets and a cat, who is a real snob. My house looks like a zoo and sometimes smells like one! But we could not imagine our lives in our house without the love of all our “chiquitos”, they complete our lives, and if you have pets, you know exactly what I mean. When people ask me how my kids are, I always reply, which ones? the two legged of the four legged 

    Please keep us posted of all the advances in your conversation groups, the good stories and the challenges too, let’s make it work!!

    A big Costa Rican hug ;)


  2. Hi everyone, my name is Henry. I am an English Professor in Universidad Técnica Nacional, Guanacaste Headquarter. We already started with two conversation groups: one in Liberia and the other one in Cañas. It has been something great. The participans, the volunteers, our whole institution and of course myself are very excited with this project. We are having a fabulous activity on June 16th. Everyone is invited to participate. We have a very nice forest downhere in Cañas that is part of our campus, so we are having a meeting with all the volunteers and the participants from Guanacaste, but as I said before all the bloggers are invited as well. We are looking forward to have the participation of Costa Rica Multiligue representants. I believe this project to be one of the most outstanding one regarding bilingual education in Costa Rica. I love the research field so it would be great if I could get in touch with Seth Derish. Blessings for everyone!!!


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