Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Abby...

In the latest Community Conversations Newsletter (didn't receive it? Please register!), we featured the Zapote conversation group that meets at the Food Court at Multiplaza del Este. As mentioned in the bulletin, their most recent topic was fashion - but volunteer Amanda Russell, at left in the black top, let slip another great activity they'd done in a previous session. The conversation group members turned themselves into Dear Abby-style agony columnists, responding to sticky situations - neighbor playing music too loud? in-law troubles? - with some sage advice. The activity is great for practicing "should" and "would," Amanda says. Thanks for this great suggestion! It also lends itself to reading activities before, during, or after the session, since volunteers could clip or print Dear Abby or similar columns from their favorite newspapers or magazines. Beginning English-language learners might benefit from bringing in or looking at an agony column from a Spanish-language newspaper as a reference beforehand, and then talking about the issues expressed there, in English. In short, it's an idea with lots of potential. Check out this Dear Abby archive to get started. Did you try this with your group? Write to us and let us know!

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Article in Weekly Bulletin of Casa Presidencial

Article in Weekly Bulletin of Casa Presidencial
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